Embrace tradition of ‘salam’ with touching PETRONAS Hari Raya film

PETRONAS leadership shares a moment with the cast and crew of 'Salam Dari Hari Raya', highlighting unity and camaraderie.

KUCHING, April 4: PETRONAS has unveiled its festive film titled ‘Salam dari Hati’ (Greetings from the Heart) in celebrating Hari Raya.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Rewan Ishak, the film unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Terengganu.

It portrays the cherished tradition of exchanging greetings (salam) on the first day of Aidilfitri, symbolising familial and communal gatherings to celebrate and seek forgiveness from elders.


PETRONAS senior general manager of Strategic Communications, Siti Azlina Abdul Latif emphasised that this year’s Hari Raya film draws inspiration from the profound tradition of ‘salam’, which reverberates in households every Aidilfitri morning.

“Our film invites viewers to delve into the profound significance of ‘salam’ across life’s various stages, encouraging us to embrace each greeting with a fresh sense of gratitude, thereby nurturing deeper connections and understanding,” she said in a media release today.

Watch ‘Salam dari Hati’ on PETRONAS’ official YouTube and Facebook channels from today (April 4), and let’s embrace the meaning of forgiveness in our journey of progress. — DayakDaily