Doulos Hope floating book fair to dock in Kuching from Aug 1-29

File photo of Doulos Hope. Photo credit: GBA Ships website

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 18: The floating book fair and ship Doulos Hope will dock in Kuching from Aug 1 to 29, the ship’s operator GBA Ships announced on its website.

Currently stationed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia until July 5, Doulos Hope’s schedule includes a port call in Singapore, with further details pending confirmation before its arrival in Kuching.


Last year, Doulos Hope’s cancellation of its planned visit to Kuching due to manpower issues disappointed many in Sarawak.

Doulos Hope, the newest addition to the GBA Ships fleet since 2009 alongside Logos Hope, embodies its name which means ‘servant of hope’, striving to fulfill this mission.

The initiative of serving others with ocean-going ships began in 1970 with the acquisition of the original Logos.

Over the years, these ships have visited over 480 ports across more than 150 countries and territories, welcoming over 50 million visitors on board.

Their mission is to share knowledge, aid, and hope in every port they visit.

The floating book fairs aboard Doulos Hope offer a wide array of titles, often introducing visitors to quality literature for the first time.

An international crew and volunteers from approximately 60 countries dedicate one or more years of their lives on board, promoting literacy, education, cross-cultural cooperation, and social awareness.

In each port and country they visit, they reflect compassion and a commitment to service. — DayakDaily