Dilapidated schools “plague” in Sarawak needs immediate resolve to be in step with digital economy

PKR Sarawak Youth wing treasurer Patricia Hai

KUCHING, Oct 29: The plague of dilapidated schools in Sarawak should be resolved immediately for the State to be in line with the Chief Minister’s digital economy policy.

This is the view of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak Youth wing (AMK) treasurer Patricia Hai when she said issue of poor and unconducive school conditions in Sarawak has been around for decades, but never solved despite funds allocated to the purpose.

She said an allocation of RM1 billion was approved and paid to upgrade schools in Sarawak in 2020, according to Education, Science and Technology Research Minister Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong.


“Apart from the RM1 billion allocation, an additional allocation of RM100 million has also been assigned in the 2020 National Budget for the same purpose.

“Thus, by 2022, this issue should have been resolved or at least almost sorted out,” she said in a statement yesterday (Oct 28).

Due to the government’s incompetency, Patricia said children in Sarawak has to attend classes in outdated and unconducive school conditions where the young are marginalised and denied the rights to enjoy good educational facilities like their peers in other states.

Aware that the upgrading and repairing processes were time consuming, she said however there is no reasonable explanation as to why Sarawakians have to wait for more than 58 years to enjoy favourable schooling environment.

“This is not a new issue in Sarawak. The question is, how much longer should the people of Sarawak wait for this fundamental issue to be resolved?” — DayakDaily