DBKU mayor urges traders to boldly voice concerns for better problem resolution

Hilmy (seated, second left), flanked by Yong (seated, second right), and others in a group photo at the meeting with traders from Jalan Main Bazaar, India Street, and Gambier Street held at the DBKU meeting room on June 11, 2024.

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 12: Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) mayor Hilmy Othman has urged trader organisations or associations under the local council’s jurisdiction to bravely express their concerns and complaints to DBKU if they encounter any problems.

According to a press release, Hilmy, who met with traders from Jalan Main Bazaar, India Street, and Gambier Street yesterday (June 11) at the DBKU meeting room, believes that meeting with the people helps to eliminate issues and problems.


“If you do not bring forth the problems or are too ‘shy’ to do so, how can we assist them when we have no idea of what is going on.

“To me, engaging with the public, association or organisation is the first step to solving problems. You need to bring the issues you face to your spokesman who will let us know what you are facing. Be brave to speak out so we can assist you within our authority,” he said during the meeting.

He went on to say that maintaining open lines of communication will aid in problem resolution in a win-win scenario.

“Even if the problems do not come under DBKU, we can always help to alert the relevant agencies involved,” he added.

“At times, there may be minor issues neglected but no matter how minor it is, we definitely can assist.

“This is why we are here as a service provider. Even after we come to a solution, we will still engage with you all before implementing.”

Members of the India Street Merchants Association Kuching and other merchants from the old town area raised concerns about weekend road closures, dim lighting, the presence of bad hats and homeless people, and the arrangement of trading stalls on India Street.

Hilmy stated that he had already planned on improving the arrangement of hawker stalls and lighting to brighten up the area before these issues were brought to his attention.

“I too want to see India street and the old town areas to get back their glorified days of the past. So it is important for us to work together.

“If I do not know or hear of the problems, I won’t be able to solve them. Thus, engage with us for us to help you,” he added.

Furthermore, the DBKU mayor urged the traders to move forward positively, stating that he is now aware of their problems and will do everything within his power and authority to help.

He also encouraged them to support each other and consider the broader perspective.

According to him, there are occasions when making sacrifices is necessary to secure a better future in the long term.

The meeting was arranged by Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Kuching Branch chairwoman, Datuk Lily Yong, and coordinated by Cr Nicholas Wung Duk Ying. The issues were brought to their attention after going to the ground as part of their mobile services. — DayakDaily