Daro rep wants 4 sick, abandoned projects expedited

Safiee Ahmad

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Nov 24: The construction of the 17.6km Passin-Matu road project and the 24km Bawang Assan-Tanjung Manis-Sg Ikllas-Kpg Sabena (Phase II) road project, which were approved in 2018 and scheduled to be completed at the end of this year, have been abandoned with work progress below 10 per cent.

Highlighting these two sick projects, Daro assemblyman Safiee Ahmad revealed that even the contractor(s) offered the opportunity to undertake the construction works have been terminated.


“Indeed, the failure of the contractor to implement these projects as planned is a great disappointment to the residents of these two areas who are hoping that their dream of having their villages and longhouses reached by roads can be achieved.

“Unfortunately, until today, they still have to depend on river transportation which is not only much more difficult but also very expensive in terms of cost,” he told the august House when debating the Supply (2023) Bill, 2022 here today.

With that, Safiee urged the relevant ministries, especially Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak to give serious attention in expediting the constructions of the two projects which have been abandoned for a long time.

“I proposed that a rescue contractor be appointed to complete the project and if a re-tendering process is needed, then the time required will be longer.

“These two projects are not only a mere connection, but a gamechanger in improving the standard of living or socio-economic (standards) of the local community, especially in the field of agriculture which is the main (economic) sector of the rural population,” he emphasised.

Safiee has also once again highlighted the status of Daro health clinic as until today, a replacement for the old clinic which was burnt down in 2015 has not been fully implemented since the foundation work was completed more than two years ago.

“People are wondering when this health clinic will be built.

“To make matters worse, many ‘holding projects’ installed when foundation works were carried out have collapsed and turned into an eyesore, as if the project has been abandoned,” he said.

He thus appealed for a Type 4 category clinic to be built and expedited as it has been seven years since Daro health clinic has been operating in a temporary location and in a very uncomfortable condition with all sorts of deficiencies.

“This project should be given priority,” he added.

In addition, Safiee pointed out that the Daro dental clinic project has also become severely sick after the appointed contractor through tender had failed to complete the project within the stipulated time. The contractor’s services have since been terminated.

“Again, the long-awaited facility by the people cannot be ready (in time). This means the people in Daro District still have to rely on the dental services from Mukah and Dalat which are only provided once a month.

“I appealed for the appointment of a rescue contractor to expedite the project for the benefit of the people,” he urged the government. — DayakDaily