Chong cries foul over SUPP actions

KUCHING, April 28: Democratic Action Party (DAP) candidate for Stampin parliamentary seat Chong Chieng Jen has cried foul over the alleged abuse of power and dirty tactics by the Barisan Nasional-Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (BN-SUPP) camp at the nomination centre today.

Speaking to members of the media after the announcement of candidates by the Election Commission (EC) at Padawan Municipal Council (MPP), Chong said the EC and police have made it clear that no loudspeakers are allowed at the nomination centre.

He cited Section 24A of the Election Offenses Act 1954 [Act 5] which says, things that are not allowed during nomination day: (a) musical instruments or speakers for political purposes in any way or used in or on a vessel or animal.

“As you can see, BN-SUPP openly used loud speakers, regardless of regulations set by EC and police. We were warned at the EC meeting, that whoever defies the law, police will confiscate all the items immediately.

“But for the whole two hours, BN-SUPP have been using it, screaming out loud and nothing happened to them. Despite complaints lodged by our side, no actions were taken. No confiscations were made,” Chong lamented.

Saying that it is clearly unfair play in the election campaign, he added that BN-SUPP are such a disgrace for defying the laws.

“As the current caretaker government and state government, they can openly defy laws and orders of EC and police. At the same time, no action was taken against them by EC and police.

“If BN-SUPP can disregard the law openly, what will happen when they are implementing policies or executing their power?” Chong asked.

Chong, who is also DAP state chairman is facing a straight fight against BN candidate Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian, who is also SUPP president in the 14th General Election. — DayakDaily