Chinese accountant loses RM980,000 of company fund to scammers impersonating Chinese Consulate

Dato Mancha Ata

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 24: An accountant in her 20s, originally from China and currently working in Mukah, suffered a loss of RM980,000 in company funds after falling prey to a phone scam perpetrated by individuals posing as representatives from the Chinese Consulate.

Sarawak Commissioner of Police Dato Mancha Ata revealed that the incident unfolded when the victim received a call from an unknown number, subsequently connecting her to a male suspect claiming to be from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia.


The impostor raised concerns about the victim’s passport and inquired about her employment and workplace details.

“The suspect accused the victim’s company of involvement in money laundering activities, implicating its employees. The victim was told to transfer the company’s fund out immediately for purported investigation purposes as otherwise, the account may risked being frozen by the authority.

“Under duress, the victim initiated five separate transactions to two different bank accounts linked to the suspect, under the assurance that the funds would be reimbursed by the end of May,” Mancha said in a statement today.

Furthermore, the perpetrator instructed the victim to erase all records of their communication.

However, as of today (May 23), despite the victim filing a police report, the money remains unrecovered. – DayakDaily