Children of VIPs not exempted from Covid-19 quarantine — Uggah

Uggah speaking during the press conference today (July 14, 2020).

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, July 14: SDMC chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas denies allegations that “children of well connected people” are exempted from undergoing quarantine upon returning to Sarawak.

Uggah in an State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) press conference today described such rumours as “naughty”.

“It is very naughty. I tell you, the son of Minister of Local Government and Housing (Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian) is in quarantine in Riverside (Majestic Hotel),” said Uggah.

Uggah who is also the Deputy Chief Minister said SDMC viewed the quarantine of returning Sarawakians as “a very serious matter”.

“This is a very serious matter and to us, we want to make sure everyone follows the SOP (standard operating procedure).

“It is critical because I have seen four, five or six cases where Sarawakians returning tested negative in Kuala Lumpur and they complied with SOP, to be quarantined (upon returning to Sarawak). On the second day, (they were) found positive. Just imagine, if we just let these people go.

“It had happened. We are not taking chances. Just imagine, one person being let go and found to be positive. It will be of disastrous effect,” Uggah emphasised.

Uggah was responding to a viral social media post which alleged that Sarawakian returnees with influential parents have not been following SOP upon returning to the state.

A version of the viral post being circulated is reproduced as follows:

“Earlier today a friend whispered to me something which I found very disturbing.

“Apparently some students coming back from Australia and UK to Sarawak and as per SOP were instructed to be quarantined in a hotel.

“However, they have well connected parents who managed to get them exempted from hotel quarantine and do home quarantine instead.

“However, instead of staying home, these people sneak out to go partying (instead). Forget wristbands as everyone knows you can remove it.

“In view of the new infections this past few days and a death, also a few people coming back from overseas have tested positive, these young ones are a risk to other Sarawakians should they be infected.

“So please if anyone knows these young ones or their parents, do the right thing and tell them to follow the SOP and quarantine for the safety of their loves ones and other Sarawakians.

“So please do our part to keep Sarawak safe!” — DayakDaily