Celebrate Lunar New Year with ‘Empurau’

Chef Fung Ah Liong's special Empurau dish, consist of Hong Kong and Nonya style.

KUCHING, Dec 23: Celebrate the beginning of an auspicious year 2020 with Sarawak’s best and top delicacy “Empurau’ fish and other bountiful range of dishes and menus by Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic hotels.

Created by group executive chef Fung Ah Liong, he and his specialist team stand ready to ensure perfect execution of delicacies that can be equally enjoyed by all races.

Available from January 24 to Feb 8, 2020, the menus are perfect for small or large reunions as each dish is meticulously prepared with the utmost care and precision.

“This is the first time our hotels will serve this special dish. As we all know, Empurau is not only the best but also most expensive freshwater fish we can get in Sarawak. What makes this ‘king of river’ a stand out is the fact that it only feeds on riverine fruits like ara, dabai, ensurai, engkabang and even kepayang, growing by the riverbanks upstream.

“The fish feeds on very healthy and nutritious diet. You can taste the different texture and in fact you can even eat the scales,” Fung said.

He orders wild Empurau from Belaga, a place located deep in the central rural of Sarawak.

“I’ve created two special recipes for this fish, namely Hong Kong style (steamed with light soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil) or Nyonya style (sweet sour spicy),” Fung added.

The Empurau dish is available at Meisan restaurant and Dewan Asajaya of Grand Margherita hotel and Sarawak Chamber ballroom of Riverside Majestic hotel.

Patrons can choose any of the Chinese set menu ranging from RM869 per table for 10 person to RM4,388 per table for 10 person (with Empurau).

Other varieties dishes includes tuna and salmon yee sang, double boiled country village chicken with abalone, crispy duck fusion, fragrant rice with scallop, freshwater prawn Singapore style, braised sea cucumber with scallop and Hong Kong kale, crispy glutinous rice cake, eight treasure delight dessert, Chinese mandarin orange, premium chinese tea and mystery gifts.

Meanwhile, Orchid Garden coffee house at Grand Margherita hotel and Cafe Majestic coffee house at Riverside Majestic hotel also offers an elaborate buffet spread on both lunar eve and day.

Those who want to book and purchase the offers can do it online at www.grandmargherita.com/deals or www.riversidemajestic.com/deals.

Further inquiry or reservations can also be made through 082-532111 for Orchid Garden coffee house or 082-532222 for Cafe Majestic coffee house.

Chef Fung Ah Liong showing his special Empurau dish together with other range of delicacies for the Lunar New Year celebration.

Each dish of Empurau is meticulously prepared. This coming lunar new year will be the first time the Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic Hotels will be serving this special dish.