Budget 2019: Nanta disappointed, no specific allocation to aid rural Dayak

Nanta speaking to reporters after the PBB supreme council meeting.

KUCHING: Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi has expressed disappointment that Budget 2019 has no mention of allocations for the welfare of rural Dayak communities.

He said the RM4.4 billion allocation for the development of Sarawak lacked specifics and might not be enough for most rural development projects in the state, especially those involving the natives living in rural longhouses and villages.

“What I did not see in the Budget 2019 was allocation for the repair or upgrading of longhouses especially for the Dayak communities,” he said, while adding that funds were allocated each year in previous budgets.


“Another one I did not see in the budget was allocation for upgrading works of retired timber or logging roads. This is very much needed for the rural longhouse folks for road connectivity,” Nanta continued.

He said budgets were allocated for timber road upgrading projects but a change in Federal government had disrupted implementation, where some of the projects could not take off.

Nanta was speaking to reporters after attending the PBB supreme council meeting at the party’s headquarters here today. — DayakDaily