Bomba air unit swaps flying for classroom duty

Students from SK Kampung Beraya pose with their ‘abang bomba’.

By Nancy Nais

MIRI, Aug 2: Fire and Rescue Department’s (Bomba) Air Unit swapped their flying roles for half a day to bring something different but exciting to the classroom.

Some 100 pupils from SK Kampung Beraya in Bekenu and their teachers get to take a break from the normal study lessons to learn something new today.

A group of the “abang bomba” personnel or “men in red”, led by their head of detachment for Miri air operations base Roslan Aziz, played the educator’s role, as well as providing insight on the daily task of the air unit and Bomba on a whole.

They also added some career and motivational talks to inspire the students, especially those sitting for major exams, to study hard and continue pursuing their dreams and passion for success.

“This is part of our community outreach program to strengthen the department’s relationship with local communities.

“We shared our knowledge and experiences as firefighters, our core duties in the unit and also aviation industry so that they can understand better,” Roslan said about the programme.

Roslan (right) with Othman.

Various activities such as video presentation, fun games and quizzes were added in to enhance the effectiveness of the program, he added.

“I strongly believe that events like this is a great way to engage with young people and highlight how important the unit and the whole department are,” he continued.

At the end of the programme, Roslan was content that the Bomba personnel received positive feedback from students, teachers and headmaster Othman Yunus.

“They are very happy because this is something different from their ordinary schedule. They hope that we will continue the programme in the future, which we will,” he said.

Roslan expressed hope that the department can improve future programmes by adding in live demonstrations such as fire, safety and introduction of rescue equipment. — DayakDaily