Bintulu Port records RM821.64 mln in revenue in 2023, gears up to support Sarawak’s economic devt

Bintulu Port’s 28th annual general meeting at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel on April 30, 2024. Photo credit: Bintulu Port

By DayakDaily Team

PUTRAJAYA, April 30: Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad (BPHB) has recorded a revenue increase of RM821.64 million in 2023 compared to RM819.79 million in 2022, with a post-tax profit of RM125.06 million.

In a press release issued today, it also stated at its 28th annual general meeting (AGM) at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel today that it made 7,708 vessel calls in 2023, which is an improvement from 7,505 in 2022, surpassing targets by 102 per cent.


“The positive growth was propelled by developments in various industries, particularly the oil and gas (O&G) sector, marine activities, and roll-on/roll-off (RORO) operations,” it said.

It added that several sectors are expected to be significant contributors to the port operations’ development, including methanol plant operations in Kidurong, biomass exports, and increased handling of RORO vessels, cement, and coal and reiterated its commitment towards Sarawak’s economic development.

Meanwhile, it added that as a primary deep-sea port anchoring Sarawak’s economic development, Bintulu Port will continue to play its role to serve as a key export gateway for the O&G industry.

“Bintulu Port is poised to become a hub for biomass, petrochemicals, and green energy sources in line with the Sarawak government’s clean energy agenda.

“Several developmental initiatives have been identified and will be implemented in phases, including supply base facilities, RORO terminal facilities, infrastructure enhancements, and acquisitions of new port equipment,” it said.

In its pursuit of becoming a green energy port, the company has devised strategies to realise the net zero carbon emission (NZCE) 2050 while prioritising environmental sustainability through various programmes aligned with economic, environmental, social, and governance principles.

“BPHB remains committed to meeting customers’ needs and supporting the government’s aspirations to establish Sarawak as Asia’s renewable powerhouse.” — DayakDaily