Bintulu gets Covid-19 red hat as Dalat turns orange

Sarawak Covid-19 statistics as at Jan 25, 2021. Graphics courtesy of SDMC.

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Jan 25: Bintulu district today joins the list of Covid-19 red zones while Dalat district is back to an orange zone after one day of wearing the red hat.

According to a statement from State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), Bintulu recorded a total of 46 local cases and Dalat 39 local cases in the past 14 days.


With 22 local cases in the same period of time, Subis turned into an orange zone as well. In the past two days, all eight (Jan 24) and 11 cases (Jan 25) reported in the district were traced back to the Pasai Cluster.

Telang Usan, on the other hand turned into a yellow zone after reporting one local case that was involved with the Rakut Cluster from Miri.

Amid the twists and turns, Kanowit, Beluru, Miri, Sibu and Kuching maintained their status as Covid-19 red zones with a total of 1,578 local cases in the past fortnight.

Betong, Song and Sebauh, too, are still the orange zones with 90 local transmission cases.

Bukit Mabong, Tatau, Bau, Pakan, Serian, Belaga, Meradong, Julau, Kapit, Simunjan, Asajaya, Lubok Antu, Sarikei, Limbang, Selangau, Samarahan and Sri Aman stayed as yellow zones with 92 local cases in the last two weeks.

Sarawak only has 11 districts left with the green zone status.

On active clusters, only three clusters had new positive cases today while the remaining five recorded zero increases in cases namely the Bukit Sekubong Cluster in Sebauh, Jelita Cluster and Bah Sayap Cluster in Miri, Keranji Tabuan Cluster in Kuching and Mador Cluster in Meradong.

Pasai Cluster in Sibu detected 56 new cases across the state while Rakut Cluster in Miri had 10 and Stutong Cluster in Kuching had one. — DayakDaily