Ba’ Kelalan rep urges citizens to uphold peace and harmony amid exploitation of religious issues

Baru Bian

KUCHING, Dec 23: Despite the exploitation of racial and religious issues by certain political leaders to divide communities, people continue to live in relative peace and harmony, according to Ba’ Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian.

In his Christmas message, Baru emphasised the importance of harmonious co-existence in this multi-racial country, highlighting it as a source of pride for almost everyone.

“As Christmas approaches, I urge every citizen to play a role in maintaining peace in our country.

“Each of us has a role to play to ensure that peace prevails for years to come,” said Baru in his Christmas message today.

He said that times are hard for many people who are at wits end just to make ends meet, and some are struggling with stress and mental health problems.

As such, he encourages those in better situations to reach out to the needy and desperate to lend a helping hand where they can to bring some peace and relief to them.

“I cannot help but to think with sadness about what is happening in warring countries around the world such as Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, including several countries in the Middle East and Africa, and other places where peace is very elusive.

“The suffering of the innocent is unfathomable to us who have never experienced war and conflict. We pray that “relative peace” will come to them soon,” he added. — DayakDaily