Authorities urged to act quickly to curb dengue outbreak around Jalan P. Ramlee

Female aedes albopictus mosquito. — file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, Sept 26: The relevant health authorities should carry out the necessary control measures as a dengue outbreak has been reported in the city.

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii said, “We have received reports that there is a dengue outbreak along the area of Jalan P. Ramlee. A few victims, including workers of the nearby construction squatters and even shop owners and office workers in the area, have been treated for dengue in past weeks.”

Dr Yii, who went to the ground to inspect the area recently, said he was informed by the workers that several of their colleagues had dengue and were receiving treatment in the hospital, while others were under bed rest at home.

“I urge the authorities to carry out the relevant preventive measures, including properly alerting the public in the area to be more vigilant. They should do ‘gotong-royong’ to remove the high number of mosquito breeding spots within the surroundings to ensure that their compound is clean and free from Aedes mosquitoes,” he said in a statement today.

While fogging has been done in the area, he said such activities would be more effective and efficient if it was followed by search-and-destroy activities. Fogging will kill the infected mosquitoes while search-and-destroy activities will stop the mosquitoes from breeding.

Since there are several schools in the area, Dr Yii advised the school heads to ensure their school compounds were free of mosquito breeding grounds.

Owners or those responsible for public premises such as eateries, coffee shops, markets and shopping malls in the area must also improve the level of cleanliness of their premises. Anyone found with Aedes mosquito breeding spots can be slapped with a RM500 compound by the authorities.

“I also called on members of the public to search for and destroy mosquito breeding spots and maintain cleanliness of their residence at all times even though their areas may not be an outbreak area,” he said, adding that doing this for at least 10 minutes every week could save families and the community from the threat of dengue fever.

Main breeding places are used tyres, plastic containers, cans, water storage, drums, pails and discarded items or rubbish that can contain water.

“Let us all play our part. The public must also cooperate with the relevant health authorities when dengue control activities are being carried out, including by allowing inspection teams and control teams to enter their premises whenever required,” Dr Yii said.

Anyone who shows any sign or symptom of dengue fever is advised to seek medical treatment immediately. — DayakDaily