Ah Kit’s char kueh teow: A culinary gem in Kenyalang Park

Ah Kit's signature dish of char kueh teow has been served at his stall in Kenyalang Park since 2003.

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, July 9: Among the variety of char kueh teow stalls around town, one well-known stall has consistently delighted patrons with its signature dish for 21 years: Ah Kit’s stall at Kenyalang Park Commercial Centre.

Ah Kit, a friendly 58-year-old noodle seller, has been running his stall since 2003.


His fried-style rice noodles, cooked with eggs, clams, and bean sprouts, have earned a loyal following.

He also offers variations with prawns, expanding his menu to meet customer preferences.

Ah Kit prepares to fry up a serving of his signature char kueh teow.

“I’ve kept my fried rice noodles the same since I started. The cafe owner suggested adding more variety, which has helped my sales,” Ah Kit shared with DayakDaily.

Ah Kit’s culinary journey began at 18, after leaving school in Form 3. He joined a local restaurant as a kitchen crew member and learned from a chef, developing his skills over 39 years.

Despite losing his father at the age of seven, he grew up learning to be independent and worked hard to build his livelihood.

“My dish suits local tastes. The heat from the fire and the timing of mixing ingredients are crucial. My noodles have a Sarawakian-style flavor,” he said, emphasising the importance of synchronizing the cooking process.

One key ingredient is his bean sprouts, sourced from the same supplier for their sweetness.

Besides char kueh teow, Ah Kit offers fried yellow noodles, sautéed with sweet soy sauce, egg, bean sprouts, and a touch of palm sugar.

Ah Kit has since expanded his menu to include other items as well, such as fried yellow noodles.

“This type of noodle is unique, and regular patrons come for either my char kueh teow or the sweet yellow noodles,” he noted.

The nickname ‘Ah Kit’ originated from his sister’s family in Betong, who called him ‘Akik’, meaning grandfather in Iban.

The name stuck, and he named his stall ‘Ah Kit’ for easy recognition.

The location of Yong Kwang Cafe at the Kenyalang Park Shopping Centre.

Ah Kit’s wife, Ah Tui, assists him at the stall, working seamlessly together to prepare noodle orders quickly.

“We synchronize well, like dancing to the same tune made by the clanging wok,” he enthused.

In addition to char kueh teow, Ah Kit’s stall serves fried kueh teow, rice vermicelli with assorted meat and tomato sauce, and various fried rice dishes.

Located at the back entrance of Yong Kwang Cafe No 2 in Kenyalang Park Shopping Centre, Kuching, the stall operates daily from 6am to 3pm.

For more information, call 017 848 3747. — DayakDaily