Abang Jo: I want an East Malaysian in IRB management

Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Nov 24: Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg wants a Sarawakian or Sabahan to be appointed to the management of the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRB).

This he said, is to ensure that proper check and balance can be carried out when it comes to revenue collected not just from Sarawak, but from the whole country.

Abang Johari disclosed that currently, there are no representatives from Sarawak or Sabah in the IRB’s board of management.

“No one from Sarawak or Sabah were ever appointed to the board. Has it occurred to you that it is only through IRB that we will know the details of all the revenue collected in Malaysia?

“However, if none of us is in there, then we won’t know how much revenue came from Sarawak. On the other hand, if we know the actual figures, then we can demand for a portion which they have collected from Sarawak to be given back to us.

“We must not let them eat the pie all for themselves (jangan makan seorang),” Abang Johari said, referring to the Federal government, at a dinner reception in Miri tonight.

He acknowledged that this is a crucial issue which has been overlooked for a long time.

Upon consultation with State lawyers who are dealing with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), Abang Johari was told that this is one of Sarawak’s rights.

“It is important for us to know how much the country has collected from Sarawak in terms of revenue, and it is our right to demand for a portion back.

“What is ours, I will fight for it and it will be given back to Sarawakians. Similar to the State Sales Tax on petroleum products, it is part of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government’s move in implementing ‘revenue re-engineering’ that will give a bigger return for the State’s economy,” he added.

With this, Abang Johari explained that the State has the capability to give back to the people through the implementation of many assistances, among them the Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang (BKSS) packages.

He asserts that as a caring state government and in a stable political situation, GPS had always been implementing policies that benefit the people.

On the coming 12th Sarawak Election, he reminded the people that it is important to ensure Sarawak is being administered by a stable government for it to carry out the mandate of the people who want more development.

“I have more plans for Sarawak. When I say I will do it, I mean it.

“Meanwhile, let us all pray for this coming Dec 18 (polling day), that we will get a good government to look after Sarawak,” Abang Johari said. — DayakDaily