AAS Sibu affirms politically neutral stance

Court. — DayakDaily.com file pic

SIBU, March 15: Advocates Association of Sarawak Sibu Branch (AAS Sibu) clarifies that it is a neutral body without any political affiliation.

In this regards, it asserted, the lawyers named by the Dudong branch of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) to offer legal services to assist those fined RM10,000 for non-compliance with Covid-19 prevention Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are acting on their own and are in no way linked to AAS Sibu or AAS Sarawak.

It was reported recently that SUPP Dudong had set up a legal aid bureau to assist those who had been fined.

“AAS Sibu wishes to clarify that these publications in the media of lawyers’ names as above should not be construed that AAS Sibu Branch is affiliated to SUPP Dudong Branch or any political party in any way.

“It is emphasised that the lawyers named in these publications had volunteered their services to SUPP Dudong Branch under their own initiative and in their own personal capacity and these said lawyers are in no way representing AAS Sibu or AAS Sarawak in any way,” said AAS Sibu in a press statement today.

AAS Sibu said whilst it applauded and commended the selfless spirit of its members in coming forward and offering themselves to defend and assist the public, the body disassociates itself from statements made in these publications in relation to the setting up of the legal aid bureau and/or legal team by SUPP Dudong and the presence of a coordinator to refer members of the public to the said lawyers, which the AAS Sibu neither endorses, authorises nor has knowledge of.

“AAS Sibu states that it remains independent in itself, and owes no associations or affiliations to any other bodies, political or otherwise. It has never been the practice of AAS Sibu to engage any ‘coordinators’ for the purpose of accepting cases from the public to relay to lawyers,” said AAS Sibu.

AAS Sibu was referring to the various publications in the media regarding the legal aid offered by SUPP Dudong to assist the public in appealing against the compound of RM10,000 for non-compliance with SOP.

It was reported on March 13, that SUPP Dudong had formed a legal aid bureau to assist those who wish to appeal their RM10,000 fines for violating Covid-19 SOPs.

SUPP Dudong branch urged those who are facing such issues to seek help from the bureau. The lawyers named as part of its legal team include George Lim, Wee Wui Kiat, Victor Lau, Boston Ho Teck Howe, Wong Woan Yi and Vivian Lim, some of whom are members of AAS Sibu.

On a separate note, AAS Sibu said it is a service provider to the National Legal Aid Foundation (YBGK) whereby criminal legal aid services are provided to applicants who are qualified under the terms set by YBGK.

“AAS Sibu Branch encourages the public who wishes to appeal against the compound of RM10,000.00 through AAS Sibu to contact the Sibu Bar Room at Kompleks Mahkamah Sibu, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak or telephone contact at 084-343411 or email at ybgksibu@gmail.com,” said AAS Sibu. — DayakDaily