A culinary delight: BBQ pork, tuak steal the show at MJC’s S’wak-level Gawai Dayak Bazaar

Delectable BBQ pork and rich tuak captivate visitors at MJC's Gawai bazaar.

By Ashley Sim

KUCHING, May 25: As the sun sets over MJC New Township in Batu Kawa, the State-level Gawai Dayak Bazaar 2024 sprang to life, inviting visitors from Sarawak and beyond to enjoy a feast of culinary delights, traditional crafts, and lively festivities.

The state-level Gawai Dayak Bazaar 2024 is held at MJC New Township in Batu Kawa from May 16 to 26.
Thousands of people flock to the Gawai bazaar every night.

Vendors busily attended their smoky grills, filling the air with the irresistible aroma of charred meat, drawing crowds like moths to a flame. The BBQ pork was a crowd favourite, with tender ribs and crispy pork belly offering a perfect blend of smoky sweetness and fiery spice that delighted every bite.


But the culinary adventure didn’t stop there. Nestled among the savoury aromas, vendors offered samples of tuak, the Dayak community’s traditional rice wine. From classic flavours like pandan and ginger to exotic fruit blends, each sip transported you to the lush landscapes of Sarawak.

A feast for the senses: Crispy pork belly steal the spotlight.
Tuak of various flavours can be found at the Gawai bazaar.
From traditional favourites to mouthwatering surprises, the Gawai bazaar has it all.

Amidst the delicious food, a burst of colours caught the eye. Handicraft pavilions showcased beautifully woven bags, sparkling accessories, and stunning traditional attire, each piece reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Dayak community.

Where tradition meets fashion – explore stunning attire at the Gawai bazaar.

As you navigate the bustling crowd, the diversity of faces and voices stands out. People from various backgrounds mingled harmoniously, united by a shared love for celebration and camaraderie. Laughter and chatter filled the air, creating a lively atmosphere brimming with unity and inclusivity.

People from various backgrounds mingled harmoniously at the Gawai bazaar.

Adding to the excitement, concerts entertained the masses, with local musicians and performers taking the stage to showcase their talents.

Crowds gathered as local musicians and performers lit up the stage with their captivating talents.

Be sure to visit the State-level Gawai Dayak Bazaar 2024 before it wraps up tomorrow (May 26). Don’t miss the chance to experience these vibrant festivities before they conclude! — DayakDaily