70 boys including 15-year-olds get ‘free cut’ thanks to Satok rep

Ibrahim (second row, fifth left) photographed with other guests and participating boys during mass circumcision programme held at Dewan Anak Seni Kampung Bandarsah, Kuching on Feb 11, 2024.

KUCHING, Feb 11: A total of 70 boys from B40 families, including some who have reached the age of 15, have been circumcised today thanks to Satok assemblyman Dato Ibrahim Baki.

Speaking to reporters, Ibrahim said the mass circumcision programme aimed to assist the boys who came from less fortunate families to afford the costs and treatment of the cleanliness ritual as required in Islam.

“Among the participants, they were also those who had reached the age of 15 because they had not been able to afford the circumcision cost prior to this programme.

“When we obtained this information and the cause of the delay, we found out that the circumcision cost at the clinic was quite high—around RM300.

“Therefore, with the cooperation of many parties, we offer the free mass circumcision programme; we bear all the costs,” he said during the programme held at Dewan Anak Seni Kampung Bandarsah here.

The programme was jointly organised by Satok Constituency Service Centre, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Satok’s Religious Bureau and Welfare Bureau, and the Kuching Medical Assistants Association.

Also present was Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) Mayor Hilmy Othman. — DayakDaily