11 motorcyclists arrested for ‘wheelie’ stunts, reckless riding in Miri

The seized motorcycles were brought to the police station for further investigation.

By Tedong Rantayy

MIRI, June 17: In a concerted effort to curb reckless driving, the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Miri District Police Headquarters (IPD Miri) conducted a series of operations on Saturday, (June 15), from 12.30 am to 6am.

Targeting areas notorious for illegal street activities, the operation took place around Jalan Miri Bypass, Jalan Marina, and Taman Millenium Jalan Dato Permaisuri in Miri.


Miri police chief ACP Alexson Naga Chabu revealed that following extensive monitoring and intelligence, the police detained eleven motorcyclists, aged between 18 and 26.

These individuals were found engaging in perilous activities such as performing ‘wheelies’ and competing in speed tests.

These actions posed significant risks not only to the riders themselves but also to other road users, Alexson said.

During the operation, the police issued 98 summonses and confiscated eleven motorcycles for various infractions.

The arrested motorcyclists are being charged under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which addresses reckless and dangerous driving.

They were taken to the Miri Traffic Police Station for further investigation and action.

Alexson emphasised the importance of road safety and reiterated the police’s commitment to maintaining order and protecting the community from the dangers posed by reckless driving and riding.

“The operations are part of an ongoing effort to deter such hazardous behavior and ensure the safety of all road users in Miri,” he added.

The police chief urged the public to adhere to traffic laws and report any suspicious or dangerous activities to the authorities. — DayakDaily