Who the hell is this Tunku Abdul Aziz chap? A commentary by Zainnal Ajamain

File picture. Sarawak's interior with mountains and rivers in Baram.

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This is the typical brazen people from Malaya, very condescending, superior and lordly towards Sabahans and Sarawakians. His argument is as if Sabah and Sarawak begged to be a part of Malaysia. History has taught us that we did not want to form Malaysia; we wanted to form the Borneo Federation.

Let it be known that it was Malaya who did not want to merge with Singapore, unless the Borneo states were included in the package.

It is very obvious this character only read the “Social Contract” which is not documented and did not read the Malaysia Agreement 1963 – shame on you for calling yourself a Malaysian. To him only the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and Eurasians are Malaysians – he did not even know that the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, Bajau, Dayak, Melanau, Kelabit etc are also people who form part of Malaysia.

The “primitive colonies” as he says it, do not know what we wanted to do, but Tunku Abdul Rahman knew that the money Malaya had based on rubber and tin, was fast depleting.
Unless Malaysia was formed, Malaya would be exporting their daughters as maids. As Abdul Aziz puts, “we celebrate our independence on August 31 and when you are part of us, our nation is YOUR nation”. What baloney! It is not “our nation is YOUR nation” it is more like “YOUR money is OUR money”

This Abdul Aziz chap perhaps has not heard of the Malaysia Agreement 1963; he may not even have read it or perhaps he is so senile he did not know the date September 16, 1963.

This is the day that Malaysia was formed by the Federation of Malaya (which later was named Malaysia), North Borneo (Sabah), Sarawak and Singapore. Singapore left the Federation of Malaysia later.

He claims he was a teacher; it means that he has no conscience that this is a part of Malaysia history which is not taught in school or even in universities. They wanted to hide September 16 so bad that they only started to celebrate it 47 years after 1963, but only in Sabah and Sarawak NOT Malaya.

Therefore, Malaya is NOT part of Malaysia; it is only masquerading as Malaysia.

Does this Abdul Aziz represent the leaders and elite in Malaya? Because if he does then Sabah and Sarawak is more than happy to leave “YOUR family” so that we can create “OUR own family” as was originally planned.

The problem with these leaders and elite from Malaya is that, “they need Sabah and Sarawak more than we need Malaya” – Sabah and Sarawak does not need Malaya.

Talking about security concerns is just a scare tactic for Sabahans and Sarawakians to hang on to Malaya. Unfortunately, the Tanduo incident (the Lahad Datu standoff) shows that Sabahans and Sarawakians do not think much about Malaya discharging their security and defense obligations.

What can we expect from insincere and dishonorable leaders and elites from Malaya? Their obligations in the Constitution which is mandatory to be implemented, yet, for more than five decades they have yet to fulfil any of it.

They even have the audacity to say, “my door is always open for negotiation.” What negotiations? All negotiations were already completed in 1963. That was the reason for the Malaysia Agreement 1963. Currently, there is no more need for negotiations, just implement what was incorporated in the Constitution – no more, no less.

When shoved into a corner, a typical Malayan leader or elite would pretend to be stupid and try to interpret the law the way they like it. Perhaps many of the leaders and elite from Malaya overlooked the reason the United Kingdom was part of those who signed the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

That is a link to the United Kingdom – just in case the leaders and elite in Malaya try to play dumb. Sure, the leaders and elite in Malaya may have their opinion on Sabah and Sarawak, but there is also a set of opinions from Sabah and Sarawak.

We all can agree to disagree this is healthy for nation-building; the only way for this type of dispute to be resolved is through arbitration in London where there is no appeal. Are the leaders and elite from Malaya ready for this?

• Zainnal Ajamain an activist on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Sabah and Sarawak rights as well as the author of the bestselling book “The Queen’s Obligation”

This article was first published by Borneo Today on September 7, 2017

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