State DAP calls on supporters to join Nov 13 NCR rally

Chong Chieng Jen

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KUCHING, Nov 11: State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said the party will stand together with state PKR as Pakatan Harapan to support the peaceful protest to advocate for native rights on Nov 13.

“I call on all DAP supporters to come together to take part in the protest to give support to our Dayak brothers and sisters.

“Land is the most valuable asset for our native brothers and sisters. The land of the natives has been taken away by BN through their policies which are in favour of their cronies and not the people.

“The policies have been in effect for decades and many natives are now left with no land. So we must stand together with our native landowners,” Chong told DayakDaily today.

Prior to this, Chong had called for a press conference on the same subject.

Chong said the government must give the land back to the native community so that as a whole, the people of Sarawak can progress together.

“Under the BN government, for Sarawak, the rich are getting richer; the poor getting poorer. This is not conducive for the building of a stable society,” he said.

Chong, who is Kota Sentosa assemblyman as well as Bandar Kuching MP, said he would neither be attending the rally or the State Legislative Assembly sitting on Monday because he has to attend Parliament which is also in session.

“On Monday, the State Legislative Assembly will continue to debate on State Budget 2018. I have already participated in the debate and I will not be given any chance to speak in the state assembly.

“On the other hand, on Monday, Parliament is going to debate on National Budget 2018 proposed by the Finance Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak). I have to be there to confront them (BN) on their tax terrorism, meaning terrorising people with tax laws,” said Chong.

The Nov 13 Rally organised by Sarawak Dayak Iban Association will see two gatherings being held concurrently. One gathering will meet at the New Courthouse while the other, at Kuching Waterfront at 9am. —DayakDaily