Serian villagers wants state government to solve water woes

State government is asked to solve water problems faced by villages in Serian district -

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SERIAN: The state government must address the long outstanding water problems experienced by villages in Serian.

DAP Serian branch chairman Edward Andrew Luwak recalled today when the Selabi Extended Water Treatment Plant was commissioned in late 2013 the people were told that they would not face water supply problem anymore.

He said the people were told that homes in within a 40km radius from Serian town were to enjoy clean treated piped water from the plant.

“Despite the pledge, the water problems still persist and it seems to get worse by the day,” Edward said.

He added the authorities which manage and oversee the supply of water resources need to get down to serious business and identify the root cause of the problem.

“People have enough of sweet talks and promises. They just want water running from their taps,” he said, citing Kampong Antayan Kropok as an example which had the main pipe laid to the village many years ago but taps to homes have all the times run dry.

“At best they have to be satisfied with very low pressure water supply but only to some homes,” he sighed.

Andrew said many homes are still fortunate to enjoy the gravity feed water supply from the nearby mountain stream but the stream dries up during dry weather.

He also said the villages along the Serian-Sri Aman road, Kampung Kerait, Kampung Paun Sungai Rimu and Kampung Paun Bakung, are having dry taps to their homes.

In his frequent visits in Serian district, he said he noticed people in these villages were seen bathing in streams and carrying water home in pails and containers for domestic purposes.

He said the problems have been going on for far too long, adding it is more acute during festive seasons like Easter, Gawai and Christmas.

“On many days, instead of water, air gust out from the tap and according to those who bother to observe their water meters, notice the meters move when air comes out of the tap, and this is shown in the water bill,” he said.

“The villagers are pleading that since the water supply problem has been very severe for the month of August, the Rural Water Supply Department consider exempting them from any payment,” Andrew said.

He also said that over the past several weeks Balai Ringgin Secondary School was also badly hit.

He said students could not get proper wash and teachers who stay in the upper floors of flats have to fetch water from the ground floor for cooking and washing.

He believed that surrounding villages in Balai Ringgin are also facing the same problem.

“I was in my village, Kamung Paun Sungai Rimu last week and for two days the taps were dry. For weeks before that, water only trickles late in the night.

“There are also grouses of the people living in the area surrounding Baki Bazaar at the 32nd mile Kuching-Serian Road including kampung Rituh, complaining of dry taps.

“The villages along the Baki-Riih road have been experiencing continuous interruption of water supply.

“Many of those in the villages of Bunga and Munggu Lalang have been switching back to their gravity feed piped water system as their taps for treated pipe water have been running dry too often,” Andrew said. –