Rep: I have been working to resolve clinic, road issue

KAPIT, Oct 28: Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang says he is fully aware of the needs of the Nanga Bena Clinic and the road leading to the clinic.

He said he had allocated RM200,000 from his rural transformation programme to convert the 300-metre road from the junction to the clinic and SK Nanga Bena into a cement road.

“For the road, it is now in the stage of awarding the project,” he told DayakDaily today.

As for the ambulance and the upgrading of the clinic, he said he had plans to relocate the clinic because the clinic structure was already deemed to be unfit for occupation.

“In my maiden speech in the state assembly after I was elected last year, I talked about the need to relocate this clinic and also SK Nanga Bena. I know about these issues and I have been following up on how to improve the condition of the school and the clinic.

“However, the opposition must know that (even though) I can raise the issues, it still depends on the Health Department of what to do with the clinic.

“As the clinic is 40km away from Kapit town, the Health Department has to assess if it is feasible to have another clinic since road connectivity is already available to connect Nanga Bena to Kapit town,” he explained.

The first term assemblyman said he would also like to see things happen overnight because he would be the one taking all the credit.

“But we all know that relocating a clinic needs studying, planning and approval. And whether the Health Ministry will approve it (relocation) or not, I am not sure although I have played my part to raise the issue,” said Nyabong.

He was responding to Paren Nyawi, special assistant to Sibu MP Oscar Ling, who had recently visited the Sungai Sut area.

Paren said in a press statement earlier that Nanga Bena Clinic needed an ambulance as well as to be upgraded. He also requested for the 300-metre road leading to the clinic and SK Nanga Bena to be tar-sealed.

Nyabong said it was always easy to criticise especially on an ad-hoc basis such as what Paren was doing.

“I challenge him to stay on in Kapit and do this for five years. Perhaps then we can even work together to make Kapit a better place. Don’t do it for only a day or two, and point here and there to gain political mileage and then disappear,” said Nyabong. — DayakDaily