PRS Youth: Silence doesn’t mean inaction

Andy Lawrence

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KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth’s absence from the media limelight does not mean it is missing in action.

Its information chief Andy Lawrence said the party youth have always been very active in “doing their works”.

“Some concerned (members of the) public are asking why we are a bit late. In fact, we are not late in our action.

“Sometimes, we voice out our concerns through the media, other times we are quiet. Our silence however, does not mean that we are not doing our works,” Andy said.

He added that unlike the opposition who only criticised and made sure they were featured in the news, PRS have to go to the ground to solve community issues.

“Most of the time, we spend our energy and time helping our communities at PRS’ constituencies.”

“PRS elected representatives then try to address any issues affecting our communities within the four walls of the BN (Barisan Nasional) government.”

“That makes us different from the opposition,” Andy said.

He pointed out PRS Youth had been vocal over the controversial appointments to the Petros’ (Petroleum Sarawak Bhd) board of directors because it was a genuine issue.

“In the wake of the controversial Petros’ board of directors’ appointment lately, as the appointment did not reflect Sarawak as a state of a multiracial society, there was a public outcry on the issue.

“It was an issue that all Dayak NGOs and parties should raise up and voice out their concerns about, including us,” said Andy.

He was responding to a social media post that questioned PRS’ sudden change of becoming vocal on certain issues.

It also asked PRS of its whereabouts before this but pointed out that it was not too late for PRS to be active and vocal.