PBDSB Youth: Dayak headmasters for schools in Dayak majority areas

Rapelson Richard Hamit.

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SIMUNJAN: PBDSB Youth Chief Rapelson Richard Hamit has urged the Ministry of Education to appoint qualified Dayaks to be headmasters of schools in Dayak majority area.

According to Rapelson, he has received a complaint that the majority of headmasters in the Dayak area in Simunjan are non-locals and non-Dayaks. This has caused dissatisfaction among local Dayaks and Dayak professionals.

“There are 47 primary schools, three Chinese  schools (SJK) and four secondary schools in Simunjan,” said Rapelson in a statement today.

Of the 47 primary schools, 33 are in Dayak Iban areas but only 11 of these primary schools, namely SK Kelait, SK Rajau Ensika, SK Sungai Lingkau, SK Sungai Pinang, SK Keniong, SK Kepayang, SK Kedengeti, SK Semalatong, SK Padang Pedalai, SK Nyelitak, and SK Mentu,  have Dayak headmasters.

“Now we have many qualified graduates to fill the job. All 33 schools in the Dayak-majority areas should be led by qualified local Dayak headmasters.

“(Schools in) Malay-majority areas should be headed by Malay headmasters while Chinese schools (SJK) should have Chinese headmasters,” Rapelson pointed out.

He said it takes a Dayak to understand the ‘Adat Istiadat’ (customs) of the Dayak community and the same principle applied to other racial communities.

Rapelson believed that the autonomy of education should be returned to the state.