‘PBDSB is a platform for Dayaks to look out their interests’

KUCHING: PBDS Baru (PBDSB) is a platform where the Dayaks can look out for each other’s well being and voice out what is left unresolved after 54 years.

Its president Cobbold John clarified that Dayak-based parties are not rebellious opposition as assumed by Barisan Nasional (BN) Sarawak.

“PBDSB is actually for the Dayaks, a platform for the Dayaks, jointly as one voice by the Dayak. The Dayaks in PBDSB have to ensure that this platform continues to exist for every Dayaks’ sake,” said Cobbold in a statement today.

In responding to Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) secretary-general Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi’s statement that questioned Cobbold’s claim that many Dayaks were returning to the PBDSB fold, Cobbold questioned why Dr Rundi is starting to get worried.

“Just because he doesn’t support a Dayak-based party, why should he flinch or be concerned about the scenario?

“As a Dayak himself, he is supposed to be proud that a Dayak-based party is being supported by the Dayak community to speak for Dayaks’ rights and their agenda but he is demanding for proof instead?

“As the president of PBDSB, why would I make false claims about genuine participation of Dayaks in joining the sole Dayak-based party in Sarawak — PBDSB? I know what I am talking about and dare to speak proudly and righteously about it,” Cobbold said.

He stressed that he did not foresee anything wrong for the Dayaks to support their own Dayak-based party as only true Dayaks understand the Dayaks’ agenda and the pain and suffering Dayaks are going through, especially after 54 years in Malaysia.

“PBDSB welcomes all Dayak tribal clans with open arms to be united as one voice, one platform, for the sake of the Dayaks’ well being and to jointly unite to make a difference for Dayaks.

“It is best that Dr Rundi think about the welfare and well being of the Dayaks instead of being concerned about the political interests of his own party instead,” he said.