Nanga Bena Clinic needs ambulance, upgrade

Paren (left) and a Sungai Sut resident standing along the gravel road leading to Nanga Bena clinic.

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KAPIT, Oct 28: State DAP is requesting an ambulance for the Nanga Bena Clinic on behalf of the people of Sungai Sut.

Paren Nyawi, special assistant to Sibu MP Oscar Ling said the Nanga Bena clinic needs an ambulance as it is 40km away from Kapit Hospital.

He explained that all this while, in the absence of an ambulance, the private vehicle of a clinic staff has been used to send emergency patients from the clinic to Kapit Hospital.

Apart from the ambulance, Paren also put forth the request to upgrade the clinic which is an old wooden structure.

“Upgrading of the clinic was promised by the Pelagus assemblyman (Wilson Nyabong Ijang) and listed in his manifesto during 2016 state election. However, until now, we still don’t see anything happening,” said Paren.

Residents of Sungai Sut hope the old Nanga Bena clinic can be upgraded.

Paren said he had recently made a trip to the area after receiving complaints from the residents of Sungai Sut and noticed the 300 metre stretch leading to SK Nanga Bena and Nanga Bena Clinic was a gravel road.

“The main road leading to Nanga Bena is already tar-sealed but not the remaining 300 metres from the junction to Nanga Bena Clinic and SK Nanga Bena.”

“According to some sources, the government has allocated RM200,000 to upgrade this part of the road.

“But so far, construction work has yet to start. We hope upgrading work on the road can commence immediately to provide convenience for the local residents who have to make daily trips to the school as well as those seeking treatment at the clinic,” said Paren in a press statement today. — DayakDaily