Nancy: Seek financial help if your children desperately need medical treatment

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri (second right), with other VIPs, performing the "ngiling tikai", to close the Hari Raya-Gawai Dayak celebration at SK Terasi.

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SIMUNJAN: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri has advised parents to seek financial help if they do not have enough cash to send their sick children for medical treatment.

“Villagers and school authorities should not just keep quiet if there are cases of children having symptoms of serious sicknesses,” she said at the closing of Hari Raya-Gawai Dayak celebration organised by SK Terasi here today.

She said parents should inform headmen, neighbours, village development and security committee or school to find ways to seek financial help.

“They can directly contact us, as their wakil rakyat, to get the funds for the trip to hospital,” Nancy said.

Nancy, who is also the Batang Sadong member of parliament, cited cases of rabies outbreak in Serian district as an example where parents must seek assistance from the relevant authorities to send their children to seek immediate treatment after they have been bitten by rabid dogs.

“If there are families who are unable to send their children to hospital, please do not just keep to yourselves,” she said when referring to the case of two siblings who were not sent to hospital because their family was too poor to raise money for the trip.

The two, Monica Mazlan, 6, and her younger brother, Jackson, 4, were sent to the Serian hospital at a very late stage.

They were then transferred to the Sarawak General Hospital where they died on July 4.

“We do not want disease that can be contained early to go out of control because of our attitude to keep to ourselves and do not want to share the problems with the others,” she said, adding a disease which occurred in a small area should not be allowed to spread throughout the state.

Nancy said she is happy to that the school is holding Hari Raya and Gawai Dayak celebration at the same time so to tighten up ties among the various communities with different religious backgrounds.

She said the culture of sharing festive celebration among the various communities should continue to be nurtured.

Among those present at the celebration were Simunjan state assemblyman Awla Dris, headmaster of SK Terasi Salleh Sabang and Parents-Teachers’ Association president Mohd Nasil Mahmut. –