Learn from UMNO and PAS, Chinese political leaders told

Datuk Richard Wee

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KUCHING: The Federation of Chinese Associations in Kuching, Samarahan and Serian Divisions president Datuk Richard Wee said that the possible coalition between UMNO-PAS may enlighten the Chinese leaders in Sarawak to make the same move.

He said the political move has shown the political wisdom of the leaders of the two political parties which the Chinese leaders in Sarawak do not have in comparison.

“The Malay leaders are giving the impression that being more practical, are willing to come together for the sake of the unity of the Malay community.”

“But here we are, the Chinese community, claiming to have 5,000 years of civilisation and history, but unwilling at all to settle their differences for the greater good of the Chinese community,” he told DayakDaily yesterday when asked to comment on the possible pact between the two Malay-based parties in Peninsular Malaysia.

He said Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) and its splinter party United People’s Party (UPP) have been fighting tooth and nail, and with the general election approaching, the two parties are now fighting for seats.

“Why can’t they think of unity for the betterment of the Chinese community?

“I think it is time for the Chinese-based parties to look in the mirror and reflect on what has happened between UMNO and PAS.

“Their (UMNO and PAS) possible coalition is an example, that two political parties may be fighting tooth and nail but when it comes to more important issues to consider, they are willing to put aside their differences and talk,” said Wee.

Wee who is also the chairman of the Board of Management of Chung Hua Middle School No. 1, 3 and 4 said while the Chinese community at large has been repeatedly appealing to get these two parties together, nothing has worked.

“And there you see, UMNO and PAS, which are both strong parties, are still willing to come together for practical reasons.

“We Chinese have claimed that we are practical people who are good businessmen, but when we come to politics, we don’t have the political wisdom compared to the Malay leaders.

“I am sad to see that in comparison with the Malay leaders, we, the Chinese are so unable to see the greater benefit of unity.”

He thus called on leaders of SUPP and UPP to show some political wisdom and come together in the name of unity.