It’s all the same but others call it differently

Layau Siman, 63, showing her "kuih chap" which she prepares for Gawai Dayak at her home in Stapok. -

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KUCHING: To the Indians, this traditional artistic delicacy is known as the “achi murukku”, while to the Malays, it is “kuih ros”.

As for the Ibans, it is known as the “kuih chap.”

“We call it as such, because of the process of making it. We dip the brass iron into the batter then it goes down in the hot oil. It does seems like I am stamping a document in the post office, but instead of ink, I am using batter and hot oil,” said 63 year-old Layau Siman when met by

The process are similar with the Indians and Malays, while the batter is made from all purpose flour, sago flour, eggs, coconut milk and sugar.

Every year, Layau prepares the traditional delicacy before heading back to her village in Bua, Engkilili.

“This knowledge was passed down to me by my mother, so I feel it’s my duty to carry on with the tradition. Besides, with all the modern treats you have in the market, not many has “kuih chap” to serve our guests when Gawai Dayak arrives,” said Layau. –