Gerawat urges Kenyah parents inculcate children with their traditions & cultures

RTM Sarawak director Ab Hadi Mohd Yusoff (right) presenting a token of appreciation to Gerawat. Also seen was Pustaka Sarawak Miri regional manager Razak Rambili.

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By Brad Rantayy
MIRI, 31 Oct : Kenyah parents play a crucial role in teaching and inculcating children about their own traditional cultures to form a sense of identity, says the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) deputy Speaker Datuk Gerawat Gala.
“Teach children about their own race and ethnic heritage and cultural customs to enable the younger generation of Kenyah to learn and have pride of this culture,” he pointed out.
Gerawat who is also Mulu assemblyman said this at the closing of ‘Hari Kenyah 2021’ programme held in Miri on Saturday night.
He noted that there are some challenges faced along the way, but he believed they could overcome those challenges when their children start to appreciate it.
He reckoned, many ways could be done to instil and inculcate cultural awareness amongst the young generation of Kenyah, and programme such as ‘Hari Kenyah 2021’ is one of it.
“In the olden days, during my time, because we were brought up in the longhouse , when we heard the sound of ‘Sape’, the traditional musical instrument, we would automatically dance, contrary to today’s generation , we have to push them to dance,….because they did not grow up in that kind of enviroment,” he explained.
Gerawat commended the Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) Sarawak for giving the opportunities for the Kenyah to showcase their cultures via the programme.
“I hope the collaboration would not ends here but to expect more to come in the future,” he said.
The ‘Hari Kenyah 2021’ programme was a collaboratiom between Mirifm (RTM) with Pustaka Sarawak Miri and Miri Kenyah Association with the aim to promote the Kenyah’s culture to outsiders especially those in the Semenanjung.
The one day programme was broadcasted via social media platform including Mirifm channel (RTM).
At the event, Gerawat did not announce any government grants to the event’s organiser as year end is approaching for account closing.
“I also don’t dare to promise anything to you (on the allocations), because I’m not certain if I’m still holding this position (as elected representative) next year,” he said at the end of his speech.
Also present were RTM Sarawak director Abdull Hadi Mohd Yusoff , Pustaka Sarawak Miri regional manager Razak Rambili, Miri Police chief ACP Hakemal Hawari and Miri Fire and Rescue Department zone six choef Supt Law Poh Kiong. — DayakDaily.