Doris: Time to have Dayak women represented in Parliament

Doris arrives at Rumah Ricky Anderson in Skuau Scheme today to launch the Women's Bureau of the Village Security and Development Committee.

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KUCHING, Oct 30: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Women chief Dato Sri Doris Sophia Brodie says it is time for Dayak women to have a voice in Parliament.

She stressed that being the chief of PRS’ women’s wing, she hoped to see at least one if not more women from the party being nominated as candidate(s) in this coming general election.

“It is about time that Dayak women have a voice in Parliament,” said Doris while launching the Women’s Bureau of Village Security and Development Committee at Rumah Ricky Anderson, Skuau Scheme today.

The Women’s Bureau of the Village Security and Development Committee at Rumah Ricky Anderson, Skuau Scheme.

On Selangau MP Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun’s candidacy, Doris said she did not know anything about it.

“When some of you asked me just now whether he will be re-nominated as candidate for this coming PRU14 (14th General Election), my answer is I don’t know because I am not a voter here and in so far as I am concerned, Entulu’s term as your MP will end when Parliament is dissolved to pave way for PRU14.

“When I was approached by other interested aspirants from your area, I told them that democracy in this country is very much alive. Hence, if you are aspiring to be a candidate I encourage you to ‘sell’ yourself to the local constituents here; get to know them, understand their woes and grouses because they are the ones who will determine your fate. After all, only one amongst many will be selected to be a candidate here in Selangau and whoever is chosen, the rest must give their undivided support,” said Doris.

Doris said PRS like other political parties, has its own system and mechanism to run and manage its affairs and likewise in the selection of its proposed candidates for the coming general election.

“We have an Election Committee headed by the party president himself and this committee has been duly endorsed and tasked by the Party Supreme Council during our previous meeting to carry out its appropriate tasks,” said Doris.

On the selection of candidates, she said the recommendation and endorsement by the respective PRS assemblymen within each parliamentary constituency will be the main criteria to determine who will be nominated as PRS candidates for the coming general election while other factors are also being looked into.

“In areas where the state assemblymen are not from PRS, then the Election Committee will decide based on various salient points.

“This is because we cannot let those not from our party decide on who should be our candidates. However and in all goodwill, we appreciate assemblymen from other component parties who give us their support in the spirit of BN.

“Of course the final decision is the prerogative of the BN head but where PRS is concerned, the party president decides on the final list of the proposed candidates for the party,” explained Doris.

She said the launch of women’s bureau headed by Dami Dingo was indicative that women’s contributions and participation in community and nation building are much needed.

“It is for this reason, I believe the 2018 Budget recently tabled by the prime minister, is quite women-friendly,” said Doris citing the new policy of giving one year income tax exemption for women returning to the workforce after a career break of at least 2 years; 30 per cent women participation in boards of government-linked companies and other statutory bodies by the end of 2018; allocation of RM20 million to enable women to attend training and entrepreneurship programmes; and increasing maternity leave from 60 to 90 days. — DayakDaily