DAP demands apology, explanation over alleged police’s heavy-handed behaviour

Chong (second right) at the press conference at DAP Headquarters here on Sept 18. Abdul Aziz is at second left.

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KUCHING: State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen is demanding an explanation and apology from the Commissioner of Police for the allegedly unprofessional manner his special assistant Abdul Aziz Isa has been ‘mishandled’ by the police on Sept 16.

Chong who is also Bandar Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman in a press conference this morning at DAP Headquarters here said he has written an official letter of complaint to CP Datuk Amer Awal and will hand in the letter this afternoon.

He said the way Abdul Aziz was manhandled on Sept 16 was aimed to humiliate and intimidate Abdul Aziz. As Abdul Aziz’s lawyer, Chong would reserve the right to bring the case to court.

“On Sept 16, at about 3.10pm, Abdul Aziz received a phone call to turn himself at the One-Stop Police Station. At about 4pm, Abdul Aziz together with myself, went there.

“While inside the police station, Abdul Aziz identified himself to the arresting office while I introduced myself as Abdul Aziz’s lawyer. The arresting officer asked both of us to go outside the police station. While out at the front of the said police station, the arresting officer ordered Abdul Aziz to be handcuffed and brought him into the police station.

“It is our view that there was absolutely no necessity and it was inappropriate and an abuse of the power on the part of the arresting officer to request Abdul Aziz to go out from the police station so that the arresting officer could order Abdul Aziz to be handcuffed.

“Such an act was more to humiliate and intimidate Abdul Aziz who has voluntarily turned himself in within an hour of receiving the phone call from the arresting officer.”

Chong said, handcuffing was meant for suspects or hard criminals who might have the intention to escape or cause harm to others and Abdul Aziz had gone to report himself voluntarily and thus, should not have been treated as such.

He said Abdul Aziz’s statement on the latter’s Facebook was ‘impolite’ but also pointed out it was not a criminal offence to be ‘impolite’.

“There is no justification for him (Abdul Aziz) to be treated as if he is a criminal,” Chong said.

Chong also questioned why he, as Abdul Aziz’s lawyer, was not allowed to be present when Abdul Aziz was interrogated at the police station.

“I tried to enter the interrogation room but was prevented from doing so by another police officer,” Chong said.

He questioned whether such over-zealousness in manhandling Abdul Aziz was intended to please political masters, as well asthe lack of professionalism in handling the situation.

“We hereby demand an explanation and apology from your Police Department and the arresting office for the latter’s unlawful and ill-intentioned behaviour. Meanwhile, we reserve our rights,” said Chong when reading out from his letter to Amer.