Baram floodwaters subside, more than 20 villages affected

KUCHING: Flood waters covering about 20 villages in Baram have subsided.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau told DayakDaily that as of yesterday, flood waters covering most parts of Baram have already slowly subsided.

“About 20 villages along the Baram River experienced floods but there was not casualty nor much damage done to these villages,” said Dennis.

According to Dennis, villages affected by the flash floods included Long Apu, Long Naa, Kampung (Kpg) Kesih, Kpg Liom and Kpg Liom Kelima, Kpg Balah, Rumah Bawang, Long Laput, Long Lama, Rumah Akeh, Long Puat, Long Boyot, Long Ikang, Longan Sibong, Long Bemang, Long Wat, Long Atit and others.

He said the floods have been caused by heavy rain on Tuesday and the Baram River was not fast enough in channeling away the excess rainwater, causing the flood water to overflow into the locations where the more than 20 villages are situated.