Partially blind Gabriel sells bamboo for a living for the past 20 years

Partially blind Gabriel Dugil sells his bamboo between RM2-RM3 over the past 20 years to sustain his family daily expenses.

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BINTULU: Partially blind, yet he refused to put that as an excuse not to struggle to be his best in life.

And for the past 20 years, Gabriel Dugil and his wife have lived off selling bamboos and other jungle produce to supplement their daily needs.

“These bamboos are for “pansoh”. My wife helps me to gather these bamboos and I sell it in the market,” said 68 year old Gabriel when met with

Pansoh is a cooking method where meat such as, chicken, pork and fish mixed with jungle herbs and slowly cooked over fire.

Gabriel started his business in his 30’s and since then have seen an increase in sales.

“Bamboo is a good cooking tool for the Dayak community and it gives the dishes a distinct taste that we all like. My bamboos are sold between RM2 to RM3 depending on sizes and city folks who don’t like the trouble to go into the jungle to get it themselves would rather get it in the market. I guess, the demand is there for my business in the long run.

“I am no millionaire with this business, but it is enough to get by,” said Gabriel who receives a monthly allowance of RM300 from the Community Welfare Department.