Day-time hawkers request to use shaded Hui Sing area

Dr Kelvin Yii (right) visited the site to better understand the plight of the day-time hawkers at the Hui Sing Commercial centre.

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KUCHING: Vegetable and fruit hawkers around Hui Sing Commercial Centre are requesting for Kuching South City Commission (MBKS) to allow them to use the Hui Sing Food Centre shaded area to operate their businesses in the morning.

These hawkers have been selling their goods and produce at the car park of the commercial centre which may cause inconvenience to residents as well as raise certain safety issues for the hawkers and their customers.

Since recently MBKS enforcement officers have also been making rounds, urging the hawkers to operate in more suitable and conducive places, Dr Kelvin Yii who is special assistant to state DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen suggested that MBKS let the hawkers use the Hui Sing Commercial Centre shaded area to continue their businesses.

“I agree with the fact that they (the hawkers) require a better location for safety purposes as well as not to create inconvenience to the surrounding public.

“It is also important that they should be provided with a more suitable place so that they can continue to earn some extra income to deal with the ever-increasing cost of living.

“I would suggest that MBKS allow them to use the Hui Sing Food Hawker Centre shaded area to set up their stalls to sell their goods and produce in the mornings.

“This will then better utilise the facility provided there since the food stalls only open in the late afternoon to prepare for business in the evening.

“That way, the vegetable and fruit traders will not have to take up public parking spaces or cause any safety concerns. They can also enjoy shaded facility of the hawker centre.”

He said if MBKS were to agree, such an arrangement would benefit both traders and customers especially on rainy days.

“I have written to MBKS to request for permission to use the area as well as negotiate terms and conditions necessary for the usage of the place.

“I thus hope MBKS will listen to their request and come up with a favourable outcome to help these traders who are just trying to earn an honest living. I do hope that both parties can reach an amicable decision and an arrangement that will not just benefit them, but also the residents and members of public in the area,” said Dr Yii in a press statement today.